Chaperone Guidelines

Wetumpka High School Band 2018-2019 School Year

The support and assistance of parent chaperones is necessary to the success of the band’s various activities. While the most important thing we do is to make sure our kids are safe…there are other responsibilities that must be delegated to you for the game/event to be a total success.

Before Each Event

  • Arrive in the band room at least 10 minutes before “call time” to receive any special instructions that might apply to the event.
  • Head Chaperone for each bus needs to pick up Chaperone Bag from Mr. Warnix in the band office.
  • Offer help where needed – but let students handle any special loading or unloading

Who Is In Charge?

  • The bus driver will be in charge of the bus.
  • Decisions for the band will by made by the band director or a designated assistant director. Even though you might have good intentions, never speak for the band director.
  • Each bus will have someone designated to be the “head chaperone”…this person needs to sit in the front of the bus. Discipline is handled by the band director and/or the assistant band director; however, you are there to act as a preventing agent.
  • If you have a problem with a student or a situation, ask your head chaperone to help you out. If it cannot be resolved with the head chaperone, then the band director can be asked to step in and help out.

Maintaining The “Count”

  • The head count is important for any away games/events.
  • Count and check names when…
    • First boarding the bus
    • Loading at the end of a game/event
    • The bus has been unloaded at any time (i.e. stop for a meal, rest stop, etc.)
  • We do not move until we have accounted for everyone
  • Once students and chaperones are on the bus and the roll has been called, do not allow them back off of the bus without the director’s approval.

Bus Safety Rules

  • Students need to remain seated while the bus is moving.
  • No standing or sitting on the seat backs.
  • Nothing outside the bus windows at any time.
  • Aisles must be clear to allow for emergency exit.
  • There must be two students per seat on school buses.
  • On Charter Buses – there must only be one (1) person per bucket seat.

Bus Guidelines

  • Remember – the bus driver is in charge of the BUS, but we are in charge of the people on it.
  • We will try to have AT LEAST three (3) chaperones on each bus – one in the front, one in the middle, one in the back.
  • Don’t allow the students to shout, scream, or sing in groups while the bus is in motion – this can distract the driver. They must use their “inside voice”.
  • No PDA, “Public Displays of Affection” – yes, they can sit together, but if you feel it’s inappropriate, do not hesitate to talk to them.
    • NO ONE is allowed to share any type of blanket or “covering“
    • “If you wouldn’t do it in front of your mother or father, then you shouldn’t do it in public.”
  • If riding a school bus, there must be no food or drinks on the bus at anytime.
  • Charter Buses are a little more lenient in this area.
  • No changing of clothes on the bus without approval of the band director. No stripping down to underwear or skin at anytime.
  • CD players/iPods/DVD players/etc. are permitted but must have headphones.
  • No movies on the buses that are above a G rating (goes for School Bus and Charter Bus).
  • Check individuals with personal DVD players to ensure that there is nothing inappropriate.

Arriving At The Game/Event

  • Do not dismiss your bus until directed by the Band Director or Assistant Director.
  • As band members get off the bus, make sure they have everything they are supposed to have (i.e. full uniform [note gloves and hats, no watches, sunglasses, jewelry, eccentric makeup, etc.], instrument [if carried on the bus], etc.)
  • Once everyone is off the bus, walk through the bus and check for anything that may have been forgotten.

At The Game/Event

  • Walk with the band as they move from the buses to the stadium. This helps to provide security, control, and also helps you get into the game.
  • Escort band members of the same sex to the restrooms when the director gives permission to do so. In the event a band member of the opposite sex asks you to escort them to the restroom, find a chaperone of the same sex as the student to go with them.
  • Control traffic when band is marching to/from the stadium and to/from the field. Proper etiquette for spectators is to wait until the band passes instead of cutting through. In a nice manner, ask people to wait instead of passing through the band.
  • First priority for seating in the band section goes to band members. There will be times when alumni of the band will come to visit – that’s okay – but they will not be allowed to go into the band section to visit with students. They will need to stay in front and out of the band section.
  • Sit along the edge of the band when in the stands.
  • While the band is on the field performing, stay in the band seating area. This will prevent items from disappearing and being damaged.
  • Band members are not allowed to leave the band area to visit with parents, friends, etc. unless allowed by the band director.

Students Being Picked Up After The Game/Event

  • Students must turn in check-out forms prior to the game/event if they are going to be picked up after the game/event site.
  • After the game/event is over, the head chaperone needs to be at the door of the bus to check off students being picked up.
  • The person on the check-out form must check the band member out in person. They must present a PHOTO ID and sign the form.
  • Never let the band member walk off alone.
  • If there is no form, check with Mr. Warnix to verify that one was turned in.
  • All students that do not have a check-out form MUST ride the bus back home.

Returning From The Game/Event

  • Have students call parents 15 minutes from Wetumpka to let them know that we will arrive soon.
  • Have band members clean up all trash on the bus (this helps the driver get home sooner).
  • Check for items left on the bus – turn them in to Mr. Warnix at his office.
  • Remember to return your chaperone badge to your head chaperone. Head chaperones should turn them back in to Mr. Warnix in the Chaperone Bag.

General Guidelines

  • NO PDA.
  • If you see inappropriate behavior, remind the band member of their responsibility to behave properly (a request for cooperation generally works better than a demand).
  • Follow the chain of command for problems (You, Head Chaperone, Band Director).
  • Remember that discipline responsibilities belong to the Band Director and Assistant Directors.
  • Never allow a band member to leave the group unescorted.
  • Stay engaged.
  • Do not allow, encourage, or ignore exceptions to rules.
  • Do not consume alcohol or use tobacco products while you are serving as a band chaperone.
  • Treat your own child the same way you treat other band students.
  • The best policy is to let other chaperones supervise your child.

Dress Code

  • Please try to wear (not required) a band t-shirt or polo shirt so that you may be easily identifiable as a chaperone.
  • Make sure you have your Chaperone Badge on at all times.