Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I stay up-to-date with information about band events that my student needs to attend?

A: Your band student is required to be at all rehearsals and performances. Events, arrival times, and other necessary information will be posted on our Calendar Page. We also send out informational emails on a regular basis. Please make sure we have your correct email address by contacting a Band Booster or sending in your correct

Q: Can my band student ride home from a performance with me if the rest of the band is riding the bus?

A: Yes. A Check-Out Form is required to check out any student after an event. It must be turned in 24 hrs in advance of the check out. The parent/guardian checking out the student must show a Photo ID at the time of check out. These procedures are set in place to keep your band student safe and as documentation for record keeping. Thank you in advance for your cooperation and accountability.

Freshman FAQ’s


1. Do I have to be at all Summer Rehearsals?

YES. All rehearsals are mandatory for all students that apply to the rehearsal that is taking place. You must attend all Summer Band Camp Rehearsals for eligibility to participate with the Wetumpka High School Marching Band. The only exception for missing rehearsal/band camp is death in the family or student sickness to the point that the student cannot rehearse/perform, and you need to contact the band office at 567-5158 ext. 54247 to leave a message before the student is absent. DOCTOR AND DENTAL APPOINTMENTS ARE NOT EXCUSES FOR MISSING REHEARSALS. LACK OF TRANSPORTATION, BABYSITTING SIBLINGS, BIRTHDAYS, ETC. ARE ALSO NOT EXCUSES FOR MISSING REHEARSALS. These are planned events that can be changed to fit around the band rehearsal schedule. Honor your commitment. If you choose to be part of the WHS Band, activities are not a buffet where you can pick and choose what you want. Every member is important to the success of the entire band program. If a student misses a rehearsal, it affects the entire band because of the hole that is created in the drill or the part that is missing in the music. Commitment and accountability are the most important components to make the band successful.

2. How often does the band rehearse during the school week/What will my scheduled class be?

Each student will be enrolled in a Band Class. Majorettes and Color Guard will meet during their own class time, Percussion will meet during their own class time, and the Brass and Woodwinds will meet in either Symphonic Band or Concert Band. This allows the band director and staff to give more specialized instruction in preparation for performances. Marching Band will meet for after-school rehearsals in order to put all the sections together. After-school rehearsals are held on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays from 3:30 to 5:30pm. After competition season is over, the rehearsal schedule is cut back to Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:30 to 5:00pm. Once the football team reaches the playoffs, marching rehearsals are conducted as needed on Thursdays only from 3:30 to 5:00pm. Sample calendars from the previous fall and spring are attached to this packet to give you an idea of the schedule of events for the band throughout the year.

3. Do I have to attend performances?

YES. As I stated, all members are important to the success of the band program. Performing is what the band exists to do. Also, each student’s grade is taken from participation in performances, rehearsals, and class participation. The band performs at pep rallies, football games, competitions, and all other events that we are invited to attend at the band director’s discretion. Transportation is provided to all away ball games, competitions, and other events involving the entire band that does not happen in the city of Wetumpka except for Solo and Ensemble in Montgomery. If a student misses one (1) performance, a parent conference will be conducted. If a student misses two (2) performances, the student will be dismissed from the band.

4. Does the band have activities on the weekend?

Yes. The band will have a competition season that occurs starting at the end of September and usually lasts until the third or fourth week of October. The band will attend no less than two competitions that are usually held on Saturdays. If the opportunity presents itself, the band will sometimes play at a college football game or a high school all-star football game as guest entertainment or as part of a mass halftime performance with other high school bands. Also, we will participate in the Christmas on the Coosa Parade that will be on the 2nd Saturday in December, and the Mardi Gras Parade in the spring that will occur on a Saturday. Other events such as Solo and Ensemble and Honor Bands are voluntary and on an individual basis but occur on the weekend.

5. Do I have to pay money to participate in the Wetumpka High School Band?

Yes. The Elmore County School System and Wetumpka High School provides the facilities, limited technology equipment, and the band director’s salary. They do not provide any funds for the operation of the Band Program. But, if they did provide funding, the band could be limited in purchasing the things necessary to operate because of red tape in the school book keeping process. Financial support from donations to the school is seldom provided to help purchase equipment or other items. So, all of the expenses to allow the band to operate are provided by fundraising efforts by our students and band booster organization. Every extracurricular activity on campus has a fee or utilizes fundraising to support itself. We have a band fee to hold everyone accountable for their “FAIR SHARE”. We are a team, and for a team to be successful, everyone has to do their part. The Fair Share amount that each student pays is used to buy music, pay for buses to events, buy school instruments, buy equipment that is used to transport and store instruments and other equipment, and purchases all of the other “stuff” that is needed to run the band program. The Wetumpka High School band has one of the lowest fees for an extracurricular or athletic activity, to my knowledge, on this campus. Each student’s Fair Share for the 2018-2019 School Year, aka “the amount of money that each student is responsible for raising for the band”, will be $700. This is contingent on the number of students that are in the band versus the amount of expenses that the band director and band booster executive board estimate spending during the 2018-2019 school year to support the needs of the band. If you have two children in band, the first student pays $700, and the second pays $400. Final payment is due on September October 26th 2018 There will be fundraising opportunities to pay your fair share and other financial responsibilities to the band.

6. What fundraising opportunities are available to help cover the cost of Fair Share?

Yard Sale, Car Wash, Concession (1 time credit of $150), Great American Fundraiser, Yankee Candle, Priester’s Pecan, Southern Home & Garden Poinsettias, Boston Butts (Super Bowl Sunday), and Mattress Sale. Other opportunities may be announced as they become available.

7. What do the students wear when performing with the Wetumpka High School Band?

During Marching Band season, each student will wear the Wetumpka High School Band uniform. Uniform expenses will be incurred on an individual basis and extra to the band fee. ALL uniform costs will be paid in FULL before being fitted for any part of the uniform and are due at the time of uniform fitting as described on the Summer Calendar. Uniform rental costs are described on a separate sheet in this packet. During the concert season, each student will purchase a concert tuxedo or a concert gown. Fitting for these garments will be in the month of July when they are fitted for marching band uniforms. These will be custom fitted garments, and should only be a onetime purchase. Alterations and adjustments can be made, and use of these outfits will be on a yearly basis. The cost of these garments will be $80 to $125. This money will be due when the garments arrive to the band room.

8. How can I participate in the WHS Jazz Band? Any student in the Wetumpka High School Band that fits into the Jazz Lab Band instrumentation (Flute, Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Alto Sax, Tenor Sax, Bari Sax, Trumpet, French Horn, Trombone, Tuba, Percussion, Guitar, Bass Guitar, and Piano) can participate in the WHS Jazz Band as long as that student has room in their schedule for the class. The Jazz Band class meets 3rd period.


1. What can I do to help the band?

If your student is in the Wetumpka High School Band, you, as parents, are expected to participate in the Wetumpka High School Band Booster Organization. The Wetumpka High School Band is not funded through any source other than fundraising through the Wetumpka High School Band Boosters, which is our parent organization that meets on the third Tuesday night of every month at 7pm in the WHS Band Room. We encourage you to attend our last two meetings of the year to start to “get your feet wet”. The next two meetings are on April 19th and May 17 th . The purpose of the Wetumpka High School Band Boosters is stated in our By-Laws as follows: 2.01 To bring into closer relation the home and the school, that parents and the Band Director may cooperate and promote the music education of the band students. 2.02 To provide funds for the general operation of the organization.

2. How can I join the Wetumpka High School Band Booster organization?

If you have a student in the Wetumpka High School Band, then you will automatically be a band booster member because you have a student currently participating in the band. There are no dues except for the Fair Share responsibility of each student.

3. What types of duties can I expect to be asked to perform as a band parent?

The most important thing that you can do as a parent is to be involved in your band student’s education. Each student is encouraged to practice for 2 hours each week outside of the school day. Playing an instrument is a physical skill that relies on muscle memory. Also, you should encourage your student to participate in extra events such as the Elmore County Honor Band, college honor bands, All-State Honor Band Auditions, and Solo and Ensemble. The more they are working on their own, the better the whole band will become.