2018 Varsity Football Schedule

The 2018 Wetumpka High School Football Schedule

Student Check-Out Form

This form is required for any student that is being checked out after an event. This form must be turned in 24 hours prior to the check out.  The parent listed on the form will be required to produce valid photo identification and must match the information listed on the completed form. These procedures are set in place to keep your band student safe and documentation for record keeping.Thank You in advance for your cooperation and accountability. 


Background Check

This form is required to be notarized for all parent volunteers.

Audience Etiquette

Tips when observing Wetumpka High School Band events


NAMM Research

Academics and Music

Why Learn To Play Music

Learn the positive effects of your child learning to play an instrument.

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Annual Forms

Medical Release Form 

This form must be notarized and validated.

WHS Band Release Form:

This form will be required before a band student can travel with the band

WHS Band Manual

This manual is the governing document of the officers and members of the Wetumpka High School Bands. It is the responsibility of the Directors, Parents, and Band Council to uphold and enforce the guidelines and rules set forth in this document. This manual will in no way ever supercede any federal, state, or local laws; any school policies; or any decisions made by the Director of Bands regarding rules or policies stated herein. It is here charged that it is the personal responsibility of all parents and band members to uphold the guidelines of this document and to solely support the band and its Director. Please download a copy for your reference.

Band Commitment Form

This form is to be completed by both band student and parents. Please complete the form with all requested information and submit by due date.