Band Parent Resources

Band and Music Classes

Monday Tuesday Friday

1st Period (7:45-8:36): Planning

2nd Period (8:40-9:31): Music Theory
3rd Period (9:35-10:39): Jazz Band
4th Period (10:43-11:34): Percussion Ensemble
5th Period (11:38-1:04): Marching Auxiliaries
6th Period (1:08-2:00): Symphonic Band
7th Period (2:04-2:55): Concert Band


1st Period (7:45-9:24): Planning

3rd Period (9:28-11:16): Jazz Band
5th Period (11:20-1:17): Marching Auxiliaries
7th Period (1:21-2:55): Concert Band


Indian Period (7:45-9:24): Planning 

4th Period (9:28-11:16): Percussion Ensemble
2nd Period (11:20-1:17): Music Theory
6th Period (1:21-2:55): Symphonic Band

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I stay up-to-date with information about band events that my student needs to attend?

A: Your band student is required to be at all rehearsals and performances. Events, arrival times, and other necessary information will be posted on our Calendar Page. We also send out informational emails on a regular basis. Please make sure we have your correct email address by contacting a Band Booster or sending in your correct

Q: Can my band student ride home from a performance with me if the rest of the band is riding the bus?

A: Yes. A Check-Out Form is required to check out any student after an event. It must be turned in 24 hrs in advance of the check out. The parent/guardian checking out the student must show a Photo ID at the time of check out. These procedures are set in place to keep your band student safe and as documentation for record keeping. Thank you in advance for your cooperation and accountability.

As our ranks grow each year, parents and students of first year participants may have questions about our program.  We have taken the time to put together questions that are asked most commonly at the link below.  As always you can reach out to other parents our Facebook Page or contact Mr. Warnix.

Freshman FAQ's

Chaperone Guidelines

The support and assistance of parent chaperones is necessary to the success of the band’s various activities. While the most important thing we do is to make sure our kids are safe, there are other responsibilities that must be delegated to you for the game/event to be a total success. Below are the list of guidelines set forth to know what you can expect when volunteering as a chaperone with the Wetumpka High School Band.

Chaperone Guidelines

Remind Instructions